Book of Phi – Music Official Token Found

ch2 gold

Congratulations to the person who found the Book of Phi – Music token. This token was found after the official contest was over, but again SeventyNine LLC sent them the prize anyway. . .. because that’s how we do things. We can’t name the winner as they have not given us permission to use their name.

Book Of Phi – Music is Released, With New Cash ($777 + $3.77) & Gold (0.25oz) to Win!

bookofphi music cash and gold

7 new pages and 7 new pictures are there to study for a chance to win The Cash ($777 + $3.77) or The Gold (0.25oz American Eagle 24k gold coin). This isn’t a contest of chance, but rather one of skill. Not only will The Book of Phi entertain you for hours, but you can also win cash and gold for being clever. This is the entertainment product you wished existed. Go get it!